Malcolm christened the babies Christopher and Wilson.
Benita christened them Rejoice & Praise.

Three months gone, the babies are really growing. Benita is desiring to see her parents and brother.

Benita is coming home. Madam Beatrice requested the babies stay back. Malcolm said his in-laws have the right to see the baby. So they will all go to Nigeria except madam Beatrice.

Benita told Malcolm to legally adopt the babies before they go to see her parents.

Benita is back home. Few days later, they headed to Benita’s father’s house. Benita was looking so beautiful, beyond recognition.

At the gate, Richard saw Benita and shouted…

“Dad! Dad!! Dad!!! its Benita.”

Reverend Johnson ran out of the house…

“Benita, thank you Jesus. Benita.” He embraced her so tight… “I have missed you so much.”

Benita: “Missed you too dad.” Crying.

Reverend Johnson: “I’m so sorry.”

Benita: “Dad please, enough. I have forgiven you.”

Reverend Johnson: “Let’s go in side.”

They are all seated in the big sitting room.

Benita: “Dad, where is mum?”

Reverend Johnson: “Hmmm, your mum, my wife is in the psychiatric home.”

Benita: “Jesus!!! What? Why? Was it the brain surgery?”

Reverend Johnson: “No, she came home from the hospital and could not find you. That was it. For over a year now. I have paid dearly for what I did to my own daughter.”

Benita: “Don’t say that dad. The devil has lost the battle. Mom is healed as well. If Jesus could cast out demons in their legions, he would heal mom and bring her sanity back.”

“AMEN!” Reverend looked around… “Who is the young man beside you, and who owns the babies?”

Benita: “My babies dad.”

Reverend Johnson starred in shock and surprise…

Reverend Johnsin: “Your babies? Jesus. Benita your babies? And they are boys? Praise the Lord, he has added two more boys to my family.”

Benita: “Dad, the man sitting besides me is Dr Malcolm Briggs. He is from Delta state. He wants to marry me. He has also legally adopted my babies. He is their father now.”

Reverend Johnson: “What? Yes he can marry you, but the babies belong to us.”

Benita: “Dad, the babies you wanted me to abort? This young man stood by me. He actually proposed when I was very very heavy. He knows my story, yet loved me like that. Today, my babies are US citizens, thanks to him.”

“You mean you had them in the US?” Asked Reverend.

Benita: “Yes dad. He deserves to be their father.”

Reverend Johnson: “Hmm, son. Thanks so much for standing up for her. I failed as a father, her mentor and her pastor. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome dad.” Malcolm replied… “The devil will always roar looking for whom to devour. God is always in the business of giving his people victory. I love Benny, and I can’t wait to make her my wife with your permission sir.”

Reverend Johnson: “Of course, you have my blessings. Come with your people.”

Dr Malcolm: “Thank you sir.”

“Benny,…” Richard called. “… I’m very sorry.”

Benita: “Its okay. I forgive you. The devil has been shamed. We have won. Dad, please take me to Mom.” She requested.

That same day, they went to see pastor Mrs Johnson. Benita broke into tears when she saw her mom in chains. She began to worship…

“‘Jesu ja sheke-sheke mi
Oku ooooo somi d’alaye
Ejere, iyebiye
Lo fi ra mi kpada'”

“Jesus has broken my chains,
I was dead, he gave me life
His precious blood was what He used
To redeem me.”

Speaking in tongues…

“There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain, to break every chain,
To break every chain.”

“Oh Lord God of host
I humbly come before you in Jesus name.
I plead for mercy oh Lord” Crying.
“Arise in your mercy oh Lord God and take away this reproach.”

“I come against you fowl spirit of insanity.
In the name of Jesus Christ, by the blood of Jesus Christ I command you, out of this body to the dry land in Jesus might name.”

They were told she doesn’t sleep without anaesthesia but after the prayers, she slept off. She slept for two good days. On the 3rd day, she opened her eyes and asked for water, and when she saw Benita she was overjoyed.
She was discharged 2days later after a year.

To be continued…
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