I thought Bimbo was back when I heard the door bell. But to my surprise, it was bro Yemi at the gate. I didn’t want to open the gate when I saw that he was the one, but he begged me to open the gate to hear him out.

I eventually opened the gate for him, although I was very reluctant, what is the essence of the discussion? The deed has been done! I don’t even know the way forward yet. What a shame. Will I go back home to tell everyone that my known to be godly fiance impregnated a lady?

We have not entered the house but walking back in when we heard the sound of a car parking at the gate again. I paused to see if the bell will sound. It was Bimbo and Dr Lawrence back from their Valentine’s outing. Bro Yemi was still waiting outside while I was opening the gate for them.

“Hey! Who is this? wonderful!” was the noise that broke the silence of my heart as we alI walked back to where Bro Yemi was standing after we exchanged greetings.
Dr Lawrence sighted bro Yemi afar off and said that in amazement.
They hugged one another as both of us girls were watching the show in great amazement.

“What a wonderful coincidence, what are you doing in Ib? What of pourtharcout and your beautiful wife. By now she would be carrying her third baby right?” said bro Yemi sachatically, and pretending he was in a happy mood.

Bimbo and I were so shocked with that question and we were waiting for Dr Lawrence’s response with keen interest. We both thought Dr Lawrence was not married, but here was someone asking after his wife.
Dr Lawrence became very uncomfortable with that question and replied with another question to cover up.

“You didn’t change Yemi! You still look how you look at school?”

I guessed Bimbo wanted an immediate answer to that, but Dr Lawrence pretended to be engulfed in that discussion.

I was not in a good mood neither am I a good pretender, but I didn’t want Bimbo to know about bro Yemi’s case yet, and so I braced up to play along. I couldn’t excuse myself from that scene, so that no one will notice anything.

It was so bad that Bro Yemi couldn’t introduce me to Dr Lawrence as his fiancee. He said “I’m here to see my friend” I wanted to cry when he said that, but I refrained myself.

Bimbo was waiting for Dr Lawrence to introduce her too I guessed, but instead he said “we are just coming back from valentine outings”.
As he said that Bimbo sadly excused herself and went inside. I couldn’t hold it, I had to ask Dr Lawrence to excuse us. He went inside to meet Bimbo, but about two minutes after he came out again to bade us goodbye.

Both of them exchanged phone numbers and Bro Yemi saw him off.
The scene that just ended made me more sad. I was waiting for Bro Yemi to throw more light into it. Bimbo stayed in her room and I didn’t border to disturb her yet. I didn’t allow bro Yemi to sit when he came back inside while I started questioning him.

“Your own case is simple, you already have a new wife, I have made up my mind that I will not cry over this case again, you have ended our relationship fine, and I have accepted fate. But please explain to me who Dr Lawrence is to you and what you know about him, or else you may take your leave” I said.

This time, I couldn’t manage the situation, I was talking at the top of my voice. Bimbo had to come out to the living room, her eyes were so red from crying I guessed.
She was speechless though, but I can see she was ready to listen to what bro Yemi has to say. “Speak now! Birds of the same feathers” I said.

From his explanation, Dr Lawrence was married to a lady called Joy, their class mate in the University two years ago. But he confessed to us that he told him while he was seeing him off that the marriage didn’t work out, that they are now divorced after having a child.

At that revelations, Bimbo couldn’t hold back tears from her eyes, she straight away confessed to me that she was already a month pregnant for him, and planning to get married to him by December, and that he didn’t tell her he ever had a wife.

This pained me more for her. What a shame! I didn’t show it though, she was crying too much, I had to forget my case with bro Yemi and ask him to take his leave. After he left I started scolding Bimbo:

“What are you going to do now? But why? You know the Bible stand about divorce. Definitely you can’t kill this baby. How will you face the church? You a leader in the church? You showed me the way, you thought me how to walk with God, what came over you? This is not you Bimbo. As close as we are, you started this relationship secretly, you did not tell me anything about him again. I counselled you to stay off this man.

Do you know? I have a similar case right now, but I didn’t loose dignity, even though I might lost some other things.
Bro Yemi impregnated her cousin’s friend called funmi. I discovered that today, right at his residence. He ruined his life not mine. He brought shame upon himself not me. I realised after crying a lot that I had nothing to loose. I’m sure and I know God knows about this. There is nothing that happened to a faithful child of God that God does not know about. I know he has the best plan for me” And right now I can say, “there is really nothing too much for my God!”

Bimbo was filled with a lot of shame and regrets, I can see that all over her. She stopped crying while I was talking. She was surprised at the revelation of bro Yemi’s case, but she couldn’t utter a word.

Thank you for following! You will not end your journey in shame in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen! 

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