I was speechless. What could have gotten over Bimbo? This one is just too much for me to think about. I have never seen Bimbo get angry in that manner ever since we’ve been friends. It’s been over 10 years now. What is going on? I couldn’t go to my room to sleep. I sat down on one of the sofa in the living room thinking and thinking. What I’ve I done to her? I couldn’t stop thinking.

About thirty minutes later, I was still in the living room lying down on the sofa not able to get to sleep when I heard the sound of her room’s door. She came out from her room with Dr Lawrence. Incredible!!!
Is this really a friend?? Double lifestyle!

I have met Dr Lawrence once at Bimbo’s working place sometime ago when I visited the hospital for treatment. I remembered how she introduced him to me as the new doctor just posted to the clinic. He is her colleague at the hospital. What was Dr Lawrence doing in her room at that ungodly hour?

This is unbelievable to me. I didn’t say a word. We exchanged greetings. She escorted him out. It was this scene that made me to remember the Toyota corolla I met at our gate while waiting for Bimbo to open the gate.

Everything now made sense to me. The Toyota corolla was for Dr Lawrence. The extra dishes too. The two wine cups. They had dinner together. So Dr Lawrence was the hidden visitor. I can’t imagine!
Now that it was clear to me, I was ready to face her and confront her. She is a leader at church.

I have always seen her as a good Christian.
Immediately she came in, I confronted her. I didn’t care she will get angry again. “Why are you living a double life style dear sister? You kept a man in your room so late? What of if I didn’t come back home? You want him sleep in our house right on your bed? What?? For God sake what is this?”

I thought she will be sober, instead she replied: “Are you the only one that will get engaged? Are you the only one all brothers must propose to? Am I not older than you? You want me best you on your wedding right? You are the one that even suppose to do that for me. Let me tell you this, I am getting married by this year December by God’s grace.

Don’t tell me you are jealous! Are you not happy that I have a reasonable suitor?”
I was so surprised and speechless. So Bimbo has been jealous of me all this while. Is this a friend or an enemy? She has been jealous because I wanted to get married. She is ready to marry just anyone for that. She is ready to throw away all her virtue just for envy. Hmm!

A reasonable person? Dr Lawrence is not a believer! I remembered she once told me he was throwing passes at her sometimes ago. And I counselled her to take her stand. Has she really fallen for him? She now called him a reasonable suitor.

A man she once called an unbeliever. How can I persuade her to stop. Envy has overcame her. I am not in the best position to talk to her or stop her. I went straight into my room pretended I didn’t hear all she was ranting. Oh Lord have mercy on Bimbo was my prayer before I slept off.

To be continued…….

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