Is this a friend or an enemy? Is this a Christian sister or what? I use to share all my life with her. She has been my best friend since secondary school days. She brought me close to Christ. A dedicated believer so to say.

Bimbo is very pretty! Oh yes I know, but the fact that I got engaged before her despite her better spiritual understanding than me still kept her wondering. I use to believe that she is even prettier than I do.

Two times at our school fellowship it has happened that she got angry at the proposals I had. Although I prayed and I was not led to go into those relationships. But it was so clear that she was so jealous. But up till now I haven’t know why, especially for her better spiritual understanding.

What can both of them be doing together in her room?? Up till now I’m still thinking about that. As late as that? Bro Yemi and I has just concluded to go to the alter after our three years and two month courtship. I have met his family. They are so lovely and so kind a people to be with. She loved my dad and my siblings, and it didn’t make a difference I have lost my mum when he visited my family.

His new job has been a good factor for us proceeding to the alter of marriage this year. Oh! I see him as a man that fear God and love him with all his heart. He has really been helpful to my spiritual life. Through him I was able to build a consistent word and prayer life.

His prayer life was so challenging to me. oh! You can’t walk with him and be cold. He said he got that from his mother who taught him the act of prayer from a very young age. He always make me remember my mum. Sweet mum!

He love his mum so so much. And will always make me jealous with their relationship.
I can’t believe what I saw!! This is a man that hate sexual immorality with all his blood. He proved this throughout the length of our courtship.

Bimbo and I stay together in a two bedroom flat. She is a nurse by profession but I’m a professional teacher. We attended same institution and same fellowship at school. Our love for each other continued after school. Luck brought us together in same city after school, so we decided to stay together.

Almost every weekend Bro Yemi must visit us. Most times we entertain him together. But recently I noticed a change in his visit. He may just visit once or twice in the month. Every time I complain he will say he has been too busy lately.

To be continued…

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