abusive relationship

There are relationships you don’t get near talk less of marrying the man/woman, no matter how charming, godly, holy and loving they appear! These relationships are poisons; you swallow them, you kiss your peace of mind, destiny and marital bliss goodbye!

I can’t handle abuse! I grew up in a verbally and emotionally abusive environment and almost made me a dummy though I am smart and intelligent. I had low self esteem and thought everyone was better than me and I do not deserve the best things of life.

Had I married a man verbally and emotionally abusive, I would have ended up an emotional wreck!

You can’t marry every good people you see. Everybody has weaknesses. God will only give you a man/woman you can handle. Someone whose weaknesses will make you stronger not pull you down!

That someone is good does not mean they are good for you because you aint seeing their weaknesses yet!

The weaknesses people can’t handle are what tear marriages apart!

That is why you shouldn’t rush to the altar barely few months you meet them hoping angel Gabriel will help you settle your irreconcilable differences in marriage!

Courtship is for observing, watching, studying, opening your mouth and asking serious questions. Don’t rush it. Don’t be desperate. Don’t close your eyes and say “shebi it is God’s will”. What most singles call God’s will today is nothing but stupidity and foolishness of the highest order!

What are the weaknesses you can’t handle in marriage? Don’t marry a man/woman who has such weaknesses!

No one is perfect. Marry the man/woman whose weaknesses you can handle!

For instance, I can’t handle a man who abuses me or treats me like a slave, so I didn’t marry one. I met men who are like that but turned down their marriage proposals.

I can’t handle a liar talk less of a pathological one. I’m plain, sincere, straight forward, honest and blunt. I need someone on the same level of openness, honesty and sincerity with me so we can enjoy deep emotional intimacy without stress!

I can’t handle a man who cheats and sleeps around. I value my self esteem too much and do not want a man with weaknesses that will damage it. It is maddening for a woman to imagine her husband is making love to another woman same way he makes love to her and more! It is a number one self esteem wrecker for a married woman!

I can’t handle hot temper, short temper and bad temper!

What are the weaknesses you honestly can’t handle? Take note of them and avoid anyone with such weaknesses.

There are certain weaknesses you can cope with. God will bring a man/woman with such weakness your way so you can help them become better and they help you get stronger too.

Do not marry someone whose weaknesses will damage you instead of shape you!

All in all, marry God’s will.

God knows who fits you most and will make the best life partner to you.

You will not mischoose in Jesus’ name.

#Seun Oladele

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