Your marriage can be a little bit of heaven on earth if you want!

But check within you! What are the negative characters or habits in your life that can turn your future home to a hell on earth? Think about it!

Are you wicked, proud, lazy, stingy, jealous, envious, sexually immoral, bossy, lustful, stubborn, extravagant, hot temper, unfaithful?

Do you smoke, drink, womanise, keep bad company, take drugs,? And you still pray for the will of God?

Wrong living will always attract the wrong choice! God will not give His beautiful brothers or sisters to someone who is not well positioned for marriage!
Wait a minute! You can get married to the right marriage partner and still have crisis in your marriage if you lack godly characters

A sister or a brother with a rebellious and wayward lifestyle will make a bad marriage if he/she eventually get married
Be the change you want in your marriage! Start now! Read good marriage books! Build godly characters. Read books on How to build a Successful Home! Read The Word Of God and Obey it!

You certainly can not expect God to connect you to the right partner if you are not well positioned for marriage! You can not enjoy your marriage beyond your level of obedience to God’s Word!

Examine yourself. Nothing can put a prospective suitor off like a bad attitude. You must increase your worth and value before going into a relationship. Do you need a God-fearing person as a marriage partner? Be God-fearing yourself.

Do you need a faithful person? Are you faithful yourself? Do you need a humble person as a life partner? Imbibe that attribute yourself. Do you need a generous spouse? Be generous yourself. You will always attract the kind of a relationship you deserve.

Work on yourself first because success in marriage is much more than finding the right person. It is a matter of you being the right person! Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to.

Spend so much time improving yourself fully as a single person. Make steady progress on the road to Christ-likeness. Work towards spiritual maturity.
Learn to be God-fearing, friendly, faithful, real, kind, trustworthy, humble, caring, polite, forgiving, considerate, patient, appreciating, generous, loving, open and persevering.

Change your bad habits and pray the fruits of the Spirit into your life. Godly character is what makes marriage enjoyable so let that be your focus. Galatians 5:22

If you fail to prepare for your marriage today, you will have many things to repair tomorrow!
You will not make marital errors in Jesus name

© Samuel Olagbenjo

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