That moment when you don’t feel like calling or taking your partner’s calls.
That moment when you just want to be alone by yourself. Reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music just kinda feels more relaxing than talking to that person that has been special to you.
Not like you got into a fight. Not like there’s a malice. Not like you don’t have enough recharge to call, as a matter of fact you do, plenty to call and talk the whole night. But you don’t just feel like it.
You hear your phone to ring and it’s baby, hurts that you can answer it but you don’t want to, you don’t feel the urge to. That natural feeling that sweeps you into a selfish mood. You’re not doing wrong wanting some space. You’re not being wrong craving to be alone, it is a completely natural feeling that hugs us sometimes.
Baby’s call comes in and in your head you’re like “baby please just go to bed I will call tomorrow.” Then you watch it ring unaswered.
Its getting really late and you know your partner is awake waiting for you to call. But you don’t feel the urge to. The Father whispers softly Into your heart;
“Dear, okay send a text.”
But nay, our obedience is frozen out by our selfish mood. And the natural response we give in our head is “I will send a text in the morning, baby will be fine.”
Yes that is true – “baby will be fine.”
Baby will be fine today, and probably in the morning. Baby knows you’re going to call and apologize for the missed calls and for keeping them up waiting on you, as usual, you’ll say you slept off and baby will understand.
Please listen to me now;
Fight those feelings. Fight those moments. Do not allow yourself to get used to those selfish moods, it will rub off on you badly when you’re married.
Baby might understand you now cos baby is a thousand miles away. But baby will have a difficult time understanding when you switch off on him into your selfish mood in marriage.
Baby will not understand why you don’t want to come to the bed.
Baby will not understand why you always leave her in the cold room and cleave to the TV remote.
Fight those selfish moods when they come. Break the circle. You don’t have to talk for hours on the phone like always, but call and say goodnight. You don’t have to send those romantic messages like you always do, but text her goodnight.
The next time you get all moody, remember that Baby is on the other side counting your love, even when it is not convenient for you.
And do you know something else? It might not also be convenient for Baby to stay up and wait on your love, but Baby is putting in the sacrifice for you.
One key to a lasting relationship and marriage is repaying sacrifice with sacrifice.
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