Don’t just close your eyes and say you are marrying God’s will. You need to open your eyes wide, see what you are getting into, open your mouth loud and clear and ask serious questions about your parther’s family and foundation.

Ogun state people are known for education, leadership and intelligence. They are also known for anger, promiscuity and socializing, they love to party.

Oyo state are known for high morals, I’ve not met anyone from Oyo state who does not have a measure of moral in them no matter how way ward they may be. Of course, Oyos are known to be laid back, too traditional and too culture conscious.

Imo ladies make money with ease. Some billionaire ladies we have here in Nigeria are from Imo state. They are also known to be single for a long time.

The Edos are known to be very friendly but have unserious approach to life.

Hey! Don’t crucify me, I’m not attacking any state please. I’ve mentioned my own state too. I’m only stating what I’ve observed. Of course, I may not be 100% correct but there is an element of truth posted here.

Some states are known to be very promiscuous, some are known to be unforgiving, some are stingy, some are hot tempered, some are violent, etc.

Take time to study your partner. Understand where they are coming from, know how to relate with them in marriage and meet their needs so they won’t do something that will give you a heart attack.

Yes, I know in Christ Jesus, our state of origin changes to Zion. He has translated us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear son so what affect them in your state does not concern you. Yes! You are correct, but you have to consciously work in that reality and shun anything in you pulling you back to sin.

Sit your partner down and talk so you can know how to deal with these flaws.

Some people have very serious issues with bitterness, some are malicious, some are super critical, judgmental, snobbish and sassy! Some are very promiscuous! No matter how big your penis is, she will still look for a bigger penis! Some men can’t just stay faithful to one woman forever, they must taste different women even when they are married to the most beautiful and sexually hot woman in the world.

Ask questions. Consciously break away from ungodly family ties. In your courtship, fast and pray together at least once a week. Destroy every family pattern, traditions and cultures that may want to ruin your marriage.

Marriage is serious business. You must make it work and remove obstacles that may want to stop you from enjoying your marriage.

Your marriage will not fail in the name of Jesus!

© Seun Oladele
 ?Photo: Preweddingnaija 

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