Likes attract likes, birds of a feather flocks together. No excellent woman will look your direction talk less of accepting your marriage proposal if you do not have these qualities:

1. INTELLIGENCE: You must have it. No virtuous, super smart lady will ever give attention to a mediocre, unintelligent, mentally backward and passive man. If there is nothing in your head except football and sex, you are not fit for marriage.

2. EXCELLENT PACKAGAGING: No one asked you to get labeled suits from France. Excellent grooming means excellent hair cut, fitting shirts, tops and trousers. Well sized shoes and neatly ironed outfits plus excellent colour combination and neatness. You are good to go.

3. LOOK PROFESSIONAL: Take your job/ business seriously and look what you sell. You can’t look like a scum bag and expect her to like you. If you are a banker, dress and look like it. If you sell motor spare parts, look it. If you are a mechanic, look responsible in your over all and look sweet in your mufti. You don’t have to be all black, dirty and smelly all day.

4. YOUR CARRIAGE: Lazy posture is a turn off. Stand straight. Don’t drag your feet on the floor when walking. Walk smart. Exude confidence.

5. THINK BEFORE TALKING: Excellent men open their mouths with wisdom, they speak with knowledge and understanding. Stop talking for the sake of talking. Stupid jokes and senseless, meaningless discussions are for lazy, backward, visionless people. If you have nothing sensible to say. Keep your mouth shut.

6. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE: Every woman wants a man she can look up to. You must know more than her for her to respect your advise and opinion. Read wide, attend seminars, symposiums, workshop and lectures. Be an excellent researcher.

7. EXUDE CONFIDENCE: Excellent men exude confidence. Walk straight, look people in the eye when talking, learn to take firm handshake. Dress smart.

8. YOUR SPOKEN ENGLISH: Excellent men have a good command of English language. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes but if the mistakes are making you lose job interviews, chase potential customers away and confuse the congregation when preaching Jesus and hell fire, you need serious attention. Go back to school!

9. BE HARDWORKING: Excellent men are 100% committed to their job, business, ministry or vision. If you have nothing doing and you want to get married, you need rehabilitation.

10. MAKE MONEY: Excellent men know how to make money. Money is a number one romance booster in marriage. Give your wife cool cash to look good and run the home, she will enjoy love making without stress. Just as poverty deflates erection, lack of money will make any woman frigid. Go look for job, start a business and learn to bring money home.

11. BE A GIVER: Excellent men are generous and take care of the needy. They pay their tithe and offering without delay and are excellent seed sowers. If you are stingy and tight fisted, no sane woman will marry you.

12. BE FRIENDLY: Friendly guys always win the trophy. Learn how to make a lady feel comfortable, learn to crack clean, good jokes. Smile at her and laugh with her…it makes you so adorable.

13. SMELL GOOD: We ladies have very sensitive nostrils. Honestly, body and mouth odour are hired killers of love and romance in marriage, they turn us off! Before you approach any lady, brush your teeth and smell good! Invest in good perfume please! You don’t need to have a fortune to do that. #200 perfume are all over Oshodi market!

14. SMILE: Smiling guys are attractive any day, any time. I love my darling when he smiles at me, he looks so handsome to me.

15. BE FRIENDLY: Friendly guys always win the trophy. Learn how to make a lady feel comfortable, learn to crack clean, good jokes. Smile at her and laugh with her…it makes you so adorable.

16. BE HUMBLE: Show courtesy and etiquette to ladies. Learn to pull a chair for her to sit, when you open the door, let her go in first. My husband still treats me like his queen and it makes my head swell. Whenever he opens the door, I go in first. He does that both in private and public. Infact more in private. you now understand why am so crazy about that guy? He knows how to treat a woman. ‘dewunmi, take this, muaaah!

17. BE A GENTLE MAN: Don’t be rude, loud, saucy and crude, puleeeeaaaze! you are not talking to your maid okay? Even if you have the choleric temperament and a complete extrovert, it doesn’t mean you should be rude and shout on the woman you are dating! Who wants to marry that kind of man?Excuse me!

18. LOVE GOD: Excellent men are God lovers and God chasers. When you chase God, excellent women will find you so adorable.
There you go brother. Go work on yourself and prepare to attract the woman of your dreams, an excellent virtuous woman.
Put an end to wrong relationships and marital delay. Learn to attract and get married to the woman of your dreams.
You will not mis-choose. See you at the top.


© Seun Oladele

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