Great thanksgiving was held in God’s household (church). It was a double celebration. Pastor Mrs grace was revived and Richard came back to live.

Members of God’s household sure knows how to appreciate God. Songs of praise and worship was rendered unto God. Substance wasn’t left out too. It was indeed a great service.

That night, in Reverend Johnson’s home, at about 8:55pm, they were all sited in the sitting room, when they heard a knock on their door. Usually, Danladi calls with the inter-call to give information about guests.

The knock kept coming…

Richard called Danladi through the inter- call, it kept ringing but he wasn’t taking it. The knock kept coming.

Richard moved to answer the door. Benita stopped him.

Benita: “Richy don’t. Stay back.”

Richard: “Why? We need to know who’s there. Maybe Danladi has gone to buy suya.”

Benita: “Then we wait till we get a call from him.”

Richard sat down. The knocking stopped for a while. Richard picked the phone and called Danladi again, no picking.

“It’s almost 30minutes. Where could he have gone to?” Richard said… “I think I need to go outside and find out.”

“Rich,…” Benita called; “You are not going anywhere and don’t open that door.”

Richard: “Are you being serious? Why do you like bossing people around?”

Rev Johnson cuts in; “Son, please listen to your sister.”

Pastor Mrs Grace: “Yes my son. She says don’t go out, please don’t go out.”

“This is really unfair mum” replied Richard. “It is always about what Benita sees and says. I am her elder brother. She should stop bossing me around.”

Benita: “Richard, this not about bossing you around, I am only following God’s instruction. We must not open that door no matter what.”

Richard called Danladi again, was same as before no picking. He tried his cell phone, switched off. The knock came again. Richard moved to open the door. Benita tried stopping him, but couldn’t.

Three men in suit greeted Richard. The first one asked about the Reverend. They have come to congratulate him for what God has done.

Richard: “Oh, that’s good of you, but it’s late. You can’t see the Reverend now. Please tomorrow morning should be fine.”

“Emmm, we are traveling tonight, we won’t make it to see him tomorrow.” Said one of them.

Richard: “Oh really, I see. Please wait here, I need to inform him.”

As Richard tried going in, the men forced themselves in and brought out guns and shot Richard on the leg.

Richard: “Arrrrrrrghhhh!! … My leg.”

“Shut up!” Shouted one of the men.
“Reverend, how far na? I hear say today you collect plenty pepper. Abeg rodger your boys. Anything ‘na’ something.” Said another.

He sighted Benita.

“‘Omo’, daddy use your fine daughter take rodger me this night.”…Licking his tongue… “‘Oya’ baby, arrange yourself.”

“For what?” Replied Benita… “Don’t dare come close to me.”

The man slapped her.

“‘E’ be like say, you wan die ‘abi’? My friend arrange.” He replied.

Benita: “I rather die than allow you touch me.”

“I know you love your father, I will shoot your dad and mum if you do not arrange yourself after the count of ten.” He said.

Benita: “Don’t bother counting, I will not. Please leave my parents and go ahead and shoot me.”

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,….………”

“Benita, do as they say. Don’t let dad and mom die please.” Richard pleaded (Crying).

Benita: “I won’t.” (Crying).

Reverend and his wife started pleading with Benita. The man was still counting.

“7, 8, 9,………..”

“Benitaaaaaa, don’t let them die please!” Shouted Richard.

The man dropped the the gun, and forcefully carried Benita. Benita was raped.


To be continued…
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