Reverend Ferdinand Johnson and his household did not sleep all night because of his wife’s dream. They kept vigil all night.

Pastor Mrs Grace Johnson dreamt that the ocean and every thing in it came up against their daughter Benita. She was fighting so hard and was getting weak. Suddenly a golden fish with a very long hair came up and swallowed her.

Benita got home at about 6:35am. Her mum rushed to her…

Pastor Mrs Grace Johnson: “Oh thank you Jesus. Baby you are welcome.”

“Thank God you are safe Benny” her father replied.

Benita: “Why is everyone looking worried?”

“Hmm, sis,…” her brother answered; “… mum had a terrible dream.”

Benita: “Really? What was the dream please?”

Richard narrated the dream to Benita.

“Hmmmm” Benita sighed. “… Mum, it wasn’t just an ordinary dream, it is a pure revelation.”

She narrated her ordeal to her family. They started prayers immediately. As they prayed, power came down. Heaven’s glory engulfed the whole place where they were.

God assured them of his presence and protection.

Benita was still worried about her mum’s dream. THE FISH SWALLOWED HER.

Rev. Ferdinand Johnson spoke on the need to be careful with the kind of programmes they attend. They must not welcome the idea of just anybody with the inscription MAN OR WOMAN OF GOD, laying hands on them. They must hence forth prayerfully study any programme that comes their way.

Benita wondered why Shola has not been to church since the day they returned from that programme. She hasn’t visited either. She decided to visit.


Benita walked into Shola’s sitting room which was already open. Lo and behold, Sandra was in there. At the sight of Benita, she stood up.

Sandra: “Shola, I should be on my way now. Will see you some other time.”

Shola: “Why, you’re leaving already?”

Sandra: “Yea. I have some run around to do. See you in school tomorrow.”

She left hurriedly.

Shola: “Benny, so at last you decided to come check on me? Not fair o. Not been feeling well.”

Benita: “So sorry dear.” Trying to feel/sense her body temperature with the back of her palm… “How are you feeling now?”

Shola: ” I’m better thanks.”

Benita: “You’re healed in Jesus name.”
“What was Sandra doing here?”

Shola: “She came to check on me, and to remind me of the form I’m yet to fill and submit.”

Benita: “What form?”

Shola brought out the form and gave to Benita…

Shola: “I’m to fill all these areas and seal it with my blood here.” Pointing to the column.

“Jesus!” Shouted Benita… “Seal what with your blood? Are you okay?”

Shola: “Minister Zina said as Jesus sealed his covenant with us with his blood, that is how we must seal it on earth because we are meant to be like him.”

“Jesus Christ!!” Benita screamed… “Shola, you are about entering a covenant with queen of the marine.”

Shola: “Benny, that’s not true. Minister Zina is a woman of God. This form is for me to be a member in her society she called HOUSE OF DEBORAH.” “Sandra is a member. Since she joined, she has been independent. She pays her fees on her own. No longer waiting for her father and wicked step mother. I want to be independent too.”

Benita: “Shola, I won’t let you do this. I won’t allow them take you.” She starts speaking in tongues… “Ooooooh Holy Ghost. My bible tells me that the lawful captive shall be delivered. For Lord will contend with those who contend with us, and He will save our children.” Speaking in tongues… “You marine spirit, deposited in this body in form of a snake.”

Shola started shouting.

Benita: “Loose your grip. Out of this body.” “Now, Now, Holy Ghost, please descend and take over.”

Shola was still shouting. She started coughing and vomiting.

Benita’s eyes were opened. She saw Minister Zina enchanting to kill Shola.

“You were supposed to keep it a secret you swine.” Minister Zina said, still enchanting.

Benita: “Zina, let her go now!… It is an order.”

Zina: “Stay away from this, Benita, I am not here for you.” “She broke the edge, and according to the bible, the serpent will bite.”

“Benny, I’m dying.” Cried Shola.

Benita: “No, you will not die. For the Lord is your light and your salvation, whom shall you fear.” “When the enemy even our foes comes to eat up our flesh, they stumbled and fell.”

Benita: “Zina, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, fall.” “Who is that mountain before zerubabel?…Who can stand against the Lord and His anointed?…Be gone in Jesus name!”

Zina left Shola.

Shola stopped shouting. She has been delivered.

Benita burned the form.

To God be the glory.

Benita got home. Lo and behold, Zina was in her room.

To be continued…
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