A broken person can break the right relationship and even marriage

Watching my parents fight on regular basis, coupled with the ill-treatment my dad melted on my mum while I grew up; created a deep scar in my heart.
I told myself that no man would oppress me like my dad did to my mum.
As years passed by, I desired a blissful home and I thought I had outgrown the hurt from my childhood until the early years of my marriage exposed the hurtful baggage buried within.

I found myself always arguing with my spouse and I always wanted to be right regardless of the tension it created, little did I know that I was gradually turning my home to a court where there was constant battle for who was right or wrong.
It got to a point that I had to ask myself who I really wanted to be, ‘A Defence lawyer or a Companion’. This birthed a new wave in my home.
Being a companion was choosing peace rather than being right and understanding each other’s perspective rather than proving a point.

Over the years, I have come to find out that; one of the best gifts you can give to yourself is to heal from whatever has caused you hurt in the past. The hurt you don’t properly heal from can limit your ability to receive love, blind you to the potentials of a great spouse and can make the right partner become a victim of your own history; which could lead to a failed marriage in the long run.

There’s therefore need to be intentional about your healing, bearing in mind that to be healed, is to be free.
I pray for you today; that God will heal you completely and give you a whole new dimension of Life

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