Benita came into her house and had a strange feeling. Like someone strange is around.

She started singing……
There is power mighty in the blood
There is power mighty in the blood
There is power mighty in the blood of Jesus Christ.
There is power mighty in the blood.

She walked around the whole house, then went upstairs to her room still singing. No one was at home except the gate keeper and their dog that was barking furiously.

She opened the door of her room, behold Zina seated on the cushion in her room.

Benita was furious…

Benita: “How dare you? What gut!!! Have you no fear? What are you doing in my room? Don’t you know? That light and darkness are two parallel lines?”

Zina: “Benita, I mean no harm. Again, you delivered one of our captives.”

Benita: “Point of correction you demon, I did not deliver her. My Lord Jesus Christ did. That subtility won’t work with me. You won’t inject pride in my spirit.”

Zina stood up… “Why are you rigid? Loosen up. Listen to me, you need our help. Don’t you want to be famous? You have powers, people need you, you have the gift to see, the world will crawl to your door step for solution.”

Zina: “Dear Benita, we will make you famous, and wealthy. Presidents, governors, kings, dignitaries will flock around you. You will still speak in the name of the Lord, you will still tell people to turn from their sins. Join us. The marine kingdom is so much interested in your family. Join us.”

Benita: “Shut up demon.”

Zina: “Don’t call me demon, I am a queen.”

Benita: “Demon, that’s what you are. And all power has been bestowed upon me by my Lord Jesus Christ. He has given me the keys of the kingdom,… ” speaking in tongues “… that what so ever I bind here on earth, is bound in heaven, and what so ever I loose here on earth is loosed in heaven.”

Benita: “Zina, I loose in this room the flood of fire from above.”

“Stop it!” Zina shouted.

Benita: “Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!!”

Zina: “Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!!… Benita, I will deal with you for this!” “You will suffer for this, and I will make sure it starts from here, your family. I am Queen Zina, the golden fish of the 100th marine region, I WILL SWALLOW YOU!”

Benita: “Big lie.” “No weapon, formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that riseth against me shall be condemned.” “Now you demon, in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, BE GONE!”

Just then her mother opened the door. Benita was sweating. The dog stopped barking

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “Benny, what’s the problem?”

Benita: “Hmm, mum, the queen of the marine coast, the one you saw in that revelation was here.”

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, What?!!!!! In this house?”

Benuta: “I brought this upon us. I carnally went to that church programme. Lord I ask for mercy.” (crying).

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “No no no dear, don’t say that. We were all spiritually careless. God has shown mercy by giving you victory.”

As they spoke, Danladi the gate keeper rushed in…

Danladi: “Madam! Madam!! Accident!!! Accident!!!… Small ‘oga’ accident.”

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “What, where? Jesus!!!”

Benita and her mum rushed out. Behold Richard, Benita’s only brother i.e Rev. Johnson’s only son in the pool of his own blood. He was knocked down by a vehicle, as he tried crossing, to get into the house.

To be continued…
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