Benita was rushed to the hospital. She didn’t have much bruises. She was discharged 3 days after.
One month later, she hasn’t seen her flow. She went to her mum.

Benuta: “Mum, I haven’t seen my flow.”

Pastor Mrs Johnsin: “Jesus. Meaning? Go get dressed. We are going to the hospital.”

She called her husband on phone…

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “Hello, honey, please let’s meet at our family hospital. I don’t know what Benita is saying o.”

Reverend Johnson: “Is everything okay? What’s she saying?”

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “That she has not seen her flow.”

Reverend Johnson: “What?! Oh Jesus please.” “Okay, I’m coming.”

At the hospital, they are seated, waiting in the doctor’s office for the test result.
Doctor Malcolm came out with the result…

Doctor Malcolm: “I’m so sorry, the result came out positive. She is pregnant.”

“How come?” Reverend Johnson asked… “I thought you did something to prevent this?”

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “Yes I did. Don’t know how this happened.

Reverend Johnson: “Ha!!!!! Disaster. This is not good at all. This will destroy the image and reputation of my church.”

Pastor Mrs grace Johnson could not hold back her tears.

Pastor Mrs Johnson: ” God what is this? What is this? How can this be said? How can I face God’s congregation with this shame? Who would believe she was raped?” (Crying).

Benita kept looking at the test result. She bursted into uncontrollable tears. She could not utter a word. All she did was cry, cry cry.

That night, a family meeting was called. Richard started blabbing.

Richard: “What? Preg what? For an armed robber? No, she can’t keep it. She has to terminate that pregnancy.”

“Hmmm, that is the only option left for us.” Reverend replied. “….But!!!”

Richard: “There is no but here dad. Our family name, church, reputation, respect and recognition is at stake here. Benita can’t keep that pregnancy.”

“Hmmm, God, Jesus, holy ghost. ” Crying… “… What is this?” Cried pastor Mrs Johnson. “You know what? We should fast and pray and ask God to take away this shame by himself. Abortion is a terrible sin. We can’t soil our hands with innocent blood.”

“Hmmm,…” Sighed Reverend Johnson. “… Honey, I think you are right. The fasting starts tomorrow.”

Richard: “Mum, dad, can you please be reasonable? Who says prayers can terminate pregnancy? The more we waste time, the more it forms. Now it’s just blood. I am not fasting and praying anything.”
“Benita, go and abort that thing. Good night.”

Richard went up to his room…

“Benita,…” Her mum called out. “… you’re not saying anything?”

Benita: “Mum, in times like this, I am being very careful of what I say to avoid offending God. This is a serious trying times for me, but whatever the case, I won’t give up on God and won’t soil my hands too.”

Benita: “I will not shed innocent blood. I will not abort.”

Richard heard her and came down again…

“What? What did you say?” Richard asked… “Then get ready to face the shame alone, because you stay here.”

“Richard, will you just keep quiet and show some pity for your younger sister!” Pastor Mrs Johnson scolded.

Richard: “Let her show us pity too and save us this shame she wants to put us through.”

“Richard enough, you are sounding harsh and disrespectful even in my presence! Have you lost your sense of respect?!” Reverend scolded.

Richard: “I’m sorry dad, but be rest assured that Benita’s pregnancy will do more than disrespecting and being harsh.”

He went up to his room.

Benita went into her room, shut the door and broke into tears. As she sang, she worshipped.

“Jesus you are so good to me
Jesus you are so good to me
Jesus you are so good to me
In all circumstances
You are so good to me.

Dependable, dependable God
It doesn’t matter what comes my way
You are still God
Intentional, intentional God
Everything is working out for my good

You are good
You are good
Jesus, you are good…….”

She was worshipping and giving thanks when Zina came again.

Zina: “How has the mighty fallen? Hahahahahaha, our warrior is pregnant and not married. And oh, she was raped, and she couldn’t fight?”

“Hahahahahaha, what a shame. Has your God not failed you? Just say yes to me Benita, and in 2 seconds, I will flush the foetus, and you will be free again.”

Benita: “You are a loser Zina. This shame is for my double honour.”

To be continued…
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