“What are you made of? Most big men of God do not stress me this much.” Zina angrily asked.

“Hahaha…” Benita laughed. “… They that know their God shall be strong and can do exploit. I am a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a peculiar people, I am called to show forth the praise of He who has called me out of darkness, into His marvellous light.”

Benita: “Daughter of darkness, I am made in His image, fashioned in His likeness. I am made to be like Him. He did not give up, your master tempted Him by offering the whole world. Today, haha, He is the head of principalities and powers.”

Benita: “No matter what Zina, I am not giving up on Jesus, who did not give up for me. He was betrayed, flogged, bruised, pierced and crucified just for me. He too went through public shame that has brought Him fame. This shame is for my fame. I shall match forth in victory just like Him.”

Benita: “What shall separate me from the love of God? Shall tribulation, war, famine, hard times, not even this pregnancy.” “For in all these,…” She smiled “… I am more than conqueror.”

“Your stubbornness will drag you to your grave Benita.” Zina replied angrily.

Benita: “I have no business with the grave, for the grave could not hold Jesus captive.”

“Arrrrrrghhhhh Benitaaaaaaa!!!” Zina shouted, gnashing her teeth… “I hate your guts. You are making me loose my patience. I will trash you harder till you become mine. It starts Now!”

Benita: “I am the daughter of a king. I can’t stoop so low to serve my father’s subjects. Give up already demon, I can never be yours.”

Richard entered Benita’s room…

“Young woman, can you please shut your mouth and allow me sleep? Your pregnancy is already a pain. I am trying to sleep. Don’t inflict more.”

Benita moved closer to him… “Get behind me Satan.”

“What!!!!!” Richard replied. “What did you just called me?”

Looking into Richard’s eyes… “You demon from the marine, in the name of Jesus, I overcome you. Get out of this body, into the dry land. In Jesus name.”

“Will you shut your mouth?!” He slapped her… “Shameless prostitute. You will forever be in torment until you do the needful.”

Reverend and his wife quickly rushed in…

“What was that sound?” Their mum asked. She saw tears on Benita’s face… “Wait a minute, Richard, did you slap your sister?”

Richard: “Yes mum. She insulted me. She called me Satan.”

Pastor Mrs Johnson: “Benita, did you call your brother Satan?”

“Honey, Benita can’t call him satan.” Reverend replied. “She must have said, ‘get behind me satan’. ”
“But Richard, what are you doing in Benita’s room by this time of the night, shouldn’t you be in your room sleeping?”

Richard: “Exactly my point dad. I can’t sleep. She was making so much noise with her prayers.” “What has those prayers fetched her if not shame?”

“Will you keep quiet?!” His mum Scolded. “… Can you imagine? Since when have you become allergic to prayers? Richard have you gone nuts?”

“Richard,…” Reverend called, “… I have been avoiding to mention something in order not to help the devil, but your attitude is always calling for it. Need I remind you, you brought this calamity upon your sister.”
“Do not open the door was the instruction, but no, that devil in you don’t let you obey.” “What is wrong with you Richard? What demon has possessed you?”

Richard: “Oh, really? I’m the possessed one right? But the one who is pregnant for an armed robber is a saint. We shall see.”

“You caused it Richard. It was your act of foolishness and disobedience that brought this shame on us!” His mum scolded.

Richard was heading to his room when Benita called him…

“Richard,…” Crying “… you said, that all that prayer has brought me is shame.”
“I look at you and give God praise because, YOU ARE ONE OF THE SHAME.”

Richard lifted his hands to hit her again, and mistakenly hit his mum who was trying to defend Benita.

Pastor Mrs Grace Johnson fell to the ground, hitting her head so hard on the tiled floor.

To be continued…
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