Finding the right one to marry could become a mirage especially when people go into relationship with wrong expectations.

The truth is, a lot of guys & ladies want to hook up with the right person for the purpose of marriage. That alone is a fantastic & brilliant idea. But the problem is, most times people go into relationship with wrong expectations & in the end they miss it.

A young university graduate & a believer in Christ once told me she can never marry a guy who has HND. Do you know the funniest thing? The first guy that came had HND & it continued like that until the third person. What happened next? I know you are getting more curious, after a serious fasting & prayers, she was led to go back to the first person. If you must find the right one to marry your expectations must be right.

Let us look at from this perspective, you have been looking unto to God for a wife material, the day God answer your prayers & you come across one, what do you do next? The next thing to do is working on the that relationship to become successful. But if the next thing on your mind is sleeping & having sex with her, and after a sexual intercourse between both of you, at the end of the day don’t be surprised for loosing everything you have laboured so hard to come by. Sex is not a guarantee; he or she is going to marry you. Today, many people never stop blaming God for their own carelessness & mistakes. Friend, learn to zip up & stop throwing blames at God.

As a guy, after God has sent you a wife & the next moment you starts making unnecessary demands from her, for example, you want her to starts giving you children without paying her dowry first; that could ruin your chances of getting married to her.

Or maybe you want him to buy your dad the most expensive car as condition for marriage, sister, don’t you think you are asking for too much? It does not work that way.

Thinking that marriage will make you happy is a wrong expectation.

  • Wrong expectation in relationship is why some people are carrying unwanted pregnancy.
  • What could have stop you from finding the right one to marry? Wrong expectations I believe.
  • Wrong expectations is why most singles are finding it hard to locate the right one (the bone of their bone & flesh of their flesh) for marriage.
  • Wrong expectations is why some elligible & adult singles have been keeping endless vigils
  • Wrong expectations is why some singles thought & concluded in their mind that God has stop answering their prayers
  • Wrong expectations is why some people are so desperate about marriage

Let us get it right, if you are looking for the right one to marry, first; you need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. He loves you just the way you are & for who you are. He never expect anything from you in return. His love for you & I is powerful, perfect & permanent.

I see God turning things around for your own good.

Remember, if you do relationship right, you will get it right.

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