Eventually, Bimbo came to open the gate. I was so tired to explain the situation of things that brought me back, I just told her I was tired and will explain everything to her tomorrow. All I needed was a rest. But on getting to the living room together, I noticed that she was so discomposed.

She was looking so tensed, disturbed or bodered. I couldn’t really get that look on her face. Definitely she was not excited to see me at all, I said to my self. I walked to the three seater sofa in the living room, pounced on it to lie down. That sofa was facing where she was standing gazing at me.

I was looking at her carefully to guess what her problem was. My Bimbo I use to know would have offered me food and water. She didn’t even hug me when I entered from the gate, that was unusual too. As I lied down I asked
“Bimbo!! are you OK?” yes yes! She said jittering.

By that time I was more than double sure something was fishing. I guessed she was keeping something. What was it, I wasn’t sure. I further said “I can smell spaghetti or noddles, do you have some? have you just eaten? I stood up walking to the kitchen to find out by myself for her slow responses.

On the sink top were two used plates with forks in them, two wine cups already used too, lying on a tray. She was following behind me to the kitchen while answering that she has just eaten, but there was not any left over. The expression on my face with great surprise seeing an extra dish suggested to her I needed an answer to the silent questions from my heart.

Bimbo is an introvert, apart from bro Yemi that use to come around to see me, I don’t usually bring friends home except on few occasions and that is if it’s very necessary, just because she does not buy that idea. she does not make friends easily. I didn’t know any close friend with her, except few choir members that has reasons to check her at home once in a while. But then, will any of them check on her this late?

I was so confused who that visitor that took dinner with her could be. Could she be dating anyone without letting me know? But why? All these questions was almost running me mad in my mind. I was so expectant of who she will say the visitor was, but to my surprise, she left the kitchen without uttering a word on that. I became more worried.

This is not my friend! I said in my mind. She sat down calmly on one of the single sofa in the living room. I walked straight to her, sat on the arm of her sofa and said, “Bimbo who was your visitor? and why are you so tensed up and also behaving as if I’m no longer welcome in this house?”

To my greatest surprise she stood up angrily and shouted back “why are you monitoring my life? and when has it become a crime to have a visitor? I knew it, you didn’t travel! you only stayed out to monitor my life!”

I almost bursted into tears at her response, I stood up immediately and tried to pull her to myself to calm her down, but she brushed me aside, walked past me, and went straight to her bedroom, she shut the door behind her. I stood at that point speechless.

To be continued…….

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