As she shouted “Yemi we have a visitor” I just gave her a second look, “is this not Clara? I have seen this face before! I said in my mind.
Clara is Yemi’s cousin who is in the University of Ibadan for her PhD programme. I have only seen her in a photograph. But then, I was not sure she was the one, so I decided to just keep quiet and wait for brother Yemi.

From the door, one can see Bro Yemi’s bedroom’s door. I fixed my eyes steadily on that door expecting him to come out from that door, but instead of brother Yemi, a lady in something more terrible than that of the lady at the door peeped out of that door and said “Clara please let the visitor in, Yemi is in the bathroom.” it was as if she was in an underwear, although I couldn’t see her properly.

Now I’m sure this is Clara her cousin, who is this lady half naked peeping out from his door, what was she doing in his room half naked. What could Yemi be doing in his room with a lady at this time of the day. Did the lady slept over in his room? My mind was so disturbed beyond comprehension.

This is becoming too much for me to comprehend. “Please have your sit there” Clara said, pointing at one sofa in the living room. She marched to the TV set, switched it on for their visitor. After that, she entered the door leading to the kitchen, I guessed she was cooking.

The odour of jollof rice and also something like fried beef filled the air when I entered the living room. I was boiling inside of me. Bro Yemi didn’t tell me his cousin is around. And again, the stranger in his bedroom.

I have never entered his bedroom before. I have been to his house only on few occasions. He preferred to come to my place. Immediately after Clara entered the kitchen, she peeped out from the kitchen door again, and said: “Funmi come and see o, my cake came out so good” then the lady from the room replied “I will be with you in a jiffy” just few minutes after that, the lady came out of the room.

Now she was dressed in a T-shirt and a dark brown short. I think I had seen bro Yemi in this shirt and short before. As she noticed me looking at her, she greeted me and said looking at the direction of the room as she was going into the kitchen “Yemi ah! the visitor is still here”

Now I heard Yemi said, I will be with you now, I guessed that is mama Tolu right?” I thought he was expecting me to respond, but I didn’t utter a word. Just like a minute after that he came out of his room rubbing his face with his hands. He was more than surprised that I was not mama Tolu but Sis Tola his wife to be.

“Ah! But Sis Tola, I told you I will come and see you in the evening frowning, so why are you here?” he said. “I can’t wait till evening, I have other things for evening, But why can’t you come over this morning, you made me believe you will be at work, I went to check you up, I was told you’re on night duties. But why all this sudden change in your attitude. And then you never told me you have visitors. Who are they please? I’m not sure I want to continue this wedding, I’m afraid. I must go ahead and inform the pastor, I replied. He was speechless looking straight. “Can’t you talk?” I said again.

I was so surprised, that as much as my voice was going so high, Clara and the other lady didn’t leave the kitchen. He knelt down and started begging me. “Please I will explain. It was a situation beyond my control that caused this. That is Clara my cousin I used to tell you about, and her friend funmi. Funmi is pregnant for me. It was all a mistake, and I don’t know how to sort it out yet, but I know I will” he said. This one is too much for me!

I picked my bag from the stool beside me. Got up to leave his house, but he held my hands begging me. I forcefully took my hands from him and left his house. He came after me, but I got a bike to get me off immediately. I never knew I was crying out until the rider of the bike said to me “sorry ma Whatever is making you cry, God will solve it”

My case is beyond solution for God! I thought. I got home and met the house empty, I guessed the couple had gone for their outing. I sat down on a stool crying, three years plus journey wasted just like that. I never knew I have spent lots of time crying and thinking until I heard the door bell ringing. I cleaned my face and got up to go and see who was at the gate.

To be continued…..

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