Benita woke up and noticed a spot of blood on her night gown and on the bed. Madam Beatrice picked up her phone to call Malcolm. Benita stopped her…

“No mom. Calling Malcolm isn’t necessary. He would end up getting worried and would run to this place. It’s still very early and he had a hectic day.”

Madam Beatrice: “But baby, you are bleeding. We need to call Malcolm to come here, right now.”

Benita: “No mom. We need to call Jesus. He was the one the woman with the issue of blood met and the fountain of her blood seized. Let us pray mom.” She started worshiping…

“Only you can do
What no man can do Jehovah

Only you are able, only are capable

Only you is reliable, only you

“Yaweh, your name is Yaweh,
The miracle working God
Your name is Yaweh.”

She began to pray…

“King of glory, I worship you
The I am, I am, I bless you
I’m grateful for your mercies Lord

You who made the barren bare, I bless you.
You who made a perforated womb carry twins
I bless you.
You who have brought me this far into my eighth month, you are worthy. Lord I honour you.

I lay my hands on my tummy and by the authority bestowed on me by my Lord Jesus Christ, I speak to this bleeding SEIZE now.”

“I decree, I shall carry my babies until the ninth month, I shall not be cut open. I shall bring forth by myself. In Jesus name.”

After the prayers, madam Beatrice wouldn’t take chances. She still called Malcolm.
Benita was taken to the hospital for scan. Her baby was okay. She was told to have plenty of rest. Her babies are in good condition.

Benita came back to her lodge, 25 minutes later, pastor and pastor Mrs Kelvin came accompanied by Malcolm.

Benita. Saw them and jumped for joy…

“Mom, dad!” She shouted… “Welcome. I’m so happy to see you.”

They both went on their knees crying. Benita stopped them…

“Oh no no no, please don’t do that. I forgive you. From the depth of my heart.”

“Oh my child,…” Replied pastor Mrs Ifunanya; “… even our impatience, faithlessness, and unfaithfulness could not stop God from honouring His word through you. I am pregnant.”

“Wooooooow!” Benita shouted. “Congratulations ma. Daddy, congratulations sir. I have always known this God to be a truthful God. He does what He says He will do. I bless His name… Woow. Well mum, I also have good news. Malcolm and I are getting married after I put to bed, in the US actually.”

She pointed to madam Beatrice…” Malcolm’s mom. I mustn’t fail to testify that the Lord has blessed me with the best mother in-law ever.”

Pastor and pastor Mrs kelvin were over joyed at Benita’s testimony…

A week to her 9th month, her papers are out. She will be traveling to the US. She would return after 6 months for her marriage proper with Malcolm.

And off Benita flew to the US. One week later, on a Sunday, very early in the morning, she felt like she was pressed. She went into the toilet. As she tried sitting, her water broke…

“Mom.” She called out to madam Beatrice.

Benita was taken to the hospital. She brought forth TWO BOUNCING BABY BOYS.

To be continued…
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