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Hear me friend,
If you don’t try to correct your parents whenever they are talking about your partner in your presence in a manner that you don’t appreciate, your silence is an invitation for your parents to say those things in the presence of your partner, and that can cause a huge damage to your relationship or marriage.

Don’t let it get to that point where you’ll be trying to defend your partner in the presence of your parents when all along Mom and Dad, especialy mom, have been saying those things in your presence without you trying to defend or correct them in love. This is called family ties

This year, try harder in looking out for each other with your families. See, your reception to the kinds of things that are said about your partner in your presence determines how much more they are going to have the boldness say, where they are going to be said, and with whom they are going to be discussing your partner with. I really hope you understand this part.

Learn to say,
“Mom you know I don’t like you talking about Kelvin like that.”
“Dad, Sandra is not that type of woman, you really have to get to know her better.”
“Mom, I don’t like the way you say these things about Tom.”
“Dad, I know Seun, he is doing his best.”

Learn to represent each other well, not just with parents, but with siblings and relatives too, people who obviously do not know your partner’s character and potentials as well as you do.

Please take this final note as a deep secret too; when it comes to family, you cannot depend on your partner to present him or herself well before your family. You are the only person that can project your partner’s image before your parents, because you know your partner better than they do, and you know your family better than your partner does.

I hope someone out here is listening to this with their heart?

Your silence in private is an invitation to a public rebuke.

…(To be continued)


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