single and waiting

A married couple had a tradition of praying together at a chapel every Tuesday evening at exactly 6pm, they did this week in week out. On Tuesdays after work they don’t go home, they would meet at the chapel and spend an hour with God praying and studying the word together, then drive home from there.

I didn’t quite understand why they did this, all logic tells me that this can be done at home, we are carriers of the Holy Spirit, everywhere is supposed to be our chapel. As a matter of fact, any place we walk into is automatically supposed to be a chapel, because we are a living, talking, walking, breathing ark of God. But logically it doesn’t make sense to me why this couple did this, every Tuesday each week they would meet at the chapel to spend some precious time with God. And guess What? They have been doing this for 25 years of their marriage, every Tuesday, 6pm, never late, never missed a day.

Until something amazing happened one Tuesday.

Driving to the chapel from work the husband was involved in a car accident. His wife was already at the chapel waiting for him. It was already past 6pm and he wasn’t there. This has never happened before, he was always on time, and never missed a day for any reason. Worried, she tried to call her husband to see what was wrong, but his phone couldn’t be reached. Just then she got a call from someone breaking the news of the car accident. Quickly she rushed to the hospital where he was been treated.

Good news is, he was okay. Only a few deep cuts on his face. But the sad news is that he was unable to walk. Doctors said he suffered a serious shock from the collision, and he will be unable to walk for some time, unsure how long that will take. So, he stayed in bed, and his wife never left his side, praying and encouraging him. The hospital became like her second home, cos the doctors were still running series of tests on him.

Then Tuesday came again. This is the part of the revelation I am going to try and explain in words, because it’s heavy to share.

Since her husband could not walk, and she could not leave his side to go pray at the chapel as usual, the couple decided to do their devotion right there on the hospital bed. At exactly 6pm that Tuesday evening, the cloud began to change, cloudy like a heavy storm was coming. The part where it is hard to explain is; the weather everywhere else was normal besides the cloud above the hospital roof. Doors began to shake. Then came the force of a rushing wind sweeping through the corridors of the hospital floors, up until it got to the room where the couple stayed praying, then the force entered the room and locked them in.

Guys, in simple hard-to-comprehend words; since the couple could not make it to the chapel on that day, the chapel came to them instead. I mean, the fullness of God leaped out of His tabernacle and visited the couple at the hospital, the same way they have been visiting Him at the chapel for over 25years.

I do not know who this is talking to. I do not know the message God is putting in your heart right now. Not sure if you are currently going through a situation that needs this. And no, God is not asking you to start visiting the chapel very Tuesday at 6pm to pray with your partner. But there is one thing I am sure God is trying to tell you right now;

Start building yourself an umbrella now when you are still single and waiting. Now that the sparks are still fresh in your relationship. So that when the rain comes in marriage, you’d have already made yourselves a solid covering to keep you dry.

Start building a spiritual tradition for yourself as a single person.

Start building a spiritual tradition together as a dating couple.

Even if you are already married reading this, it is not too late to start building a spiritual covenant with God in that marriage.

This is what happened in the vision above. In moments where the couple could not honour their covenant with God, God honoured His own covenant with them. He always honours His own.

© Allisonhyacintho

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