Where It All Begins

Marriage Ethics for Singles – Part 1

Where It All Begins

In the beginning God created… Genesis 1:1

Some people think a successful marriage begins from the various activities during dating.

Others think it’s from your relationship with the person when you first start dating.

On the contrary, a successful marriage begins from your preparation as a single, before you ever get to know, meet or choose your marriage partner. It begins with your mindset towards marriage, knowing what you want and what it takes

to get it. It starts with your positive thoughts, which come from your discovery of God’s intention towards marriage from His Word. As we all know, our thoughts control whatever becomes of us. That is why the Bible admonishes that you guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).

I believe that before God created everything we see today, He had the perfect picture in His mind. That was why He could speak the Words into reality. His mind had produced it from the beginning. The truth is, your mind is able to bring everything that you need, just the way you want it; but you must think right!

Therefore, if you want a peaceful, fun-filled and loving home, create that picture in your heart and let it guide your choices each day. Don’t becloud your mind with the evils you see elsewhere, comparing your home to that of others in the world, who go through numerous challenges. Yours can be different; but first, your mind must be reoriented. It all begins in and with you!

Dear reader, I want to congratulate you for reading this article. After your salvation, one of the most important choices you will make is who to marry. As it is often said, the next worst thing after hell fire is a bad marriage. I know you may have heard about blissful marriages and you may be wondering if it is real or just a fantasy because the popular opinion in society today is that two people cannot live together without fighting. I want to tell you with confidence that it is real. Marriage can be a success! By reading this article, you have taken one giant step towards this reality! – FAO

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