8 Tips to Find a Husband

8 tips to find a husband are here to make the wonderful marriage dream of finding a wonderful husband, living in a wonderful home and having wonderful kids more of reality than some cartoon fairy tale. They will help any lady anywhere to get in position to living their deepest dreams.

Are you finding it tough to successfully turn your relationships into marriage? To convert the regular boyfriend into a husband? Or perhaps age is simply just outpacing you and your best dream seems to fade away? Well, relax and get the secret 8 tips to turn things around and live your most valued dream.

1)    Prepare Yourself by Getting Wisdom

Wisdom is the application of comprehended truth. The reason many ladies don’t succeed in their relationships or even get into one at all is due to ignorance. We all have the habit of assuming we know everything about love – find a loving husband/wife, marry and live happily ever after. It’s not that easy is it? To succeed in your relationships, you must understand how men work, understand what makes relationships work into marriage. Such truths can only be found in renowned books. So stop assuming and educate yourself in the way of relationships so you will know what to do and how to do it.

2)    Be Chase-able

Chase-able? What does that mean you may ask? Well, where else to get wisdom than from the very first marriage. The defining statement for marriage was made by the first man (Adam) according to biblical records where he said: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” The Hebrew “dabaq” translated “cleave” here figuratively means to “catch by pursuit” or to “chase”. So men ought to come chasing after you but the point is you ought to be chase-able! You can’t dress like grand mom, walk like a man, talk like a boss and expect us to chase that!

Focus on cultivating out your feminine personality and working on your purpose to be the most beautiful, responsible, well comported and valuable version of yourself and chasers are going to be right at your tail. Don’t sit around waiting, get busy working in your job (purpose) and yourself – until  you become the kind of woman men are looking for and not the kind who is looking for men.

3)    Release Your Charm

Incontestably, the female ‘man’ is the most influential and powerful being on the planet. Men just love to think they rule but really the women they fall for are those in charge. Every woman was created with a super power which when harness virtuously will bring any man down to their knees. Charm is NOT in indecent seductive dressing! Actually such dressing does attract bears who come for the honey and care less about the bee. Charm is really the combination of warm smiles, appealing look, kind attitude, gentleness, a sense of self-worth and responsibility. Everyone has their own unique charisma and it is in finding the ability to bring delight to all and arouse admiration.

4)    Employ the Wisdom of Making Contact

Society today, in most parts encourages the idea that ladies quietly and exclusively sit and wait for men to approach them – men who are becoming shyer! All that is custom and the culture. Today as a lady, you must be able to wisely pull the attention of the one you admire to yourself. Taking actions to provoke eye contacts, opportunities for conversions and dinner together, will be planting seeds with the potential to yield something fruitful. However, all these fits must be pulled wisely less you appear to be forcing yourself on someone which is embarrassing and generally what every lady seeks to avoid. But remember the saying no pain no gain! Sometimes asking sensitive questions, both help to awaken the males and provide you with some valuable information.

This may sound crazy but there have been women who didn’t only walk up to their men and express their affection but even went as far as pushing through the idea of marriage until they won their trophy. Anything wrong in that? No! Be bold and let tradition go and eat donuts!

5)    Choose Qualified Men for Courtship

At this point you have worked on yourself, a fine and rear pearl you are, so the chasers are right on, so what next? Only embark on a relationship with a qualified man. Now who is a qualified man you ask? Such a man has mainly 5 qualities:

  1. They reverence their Creator (fear God): This was the first quality of the first man. A man who truly fears God will not do some things against you not because they are scared of you but because of that sense of reverence. Real men love the presence of God.
  2. They are working: A good man is the one you find working and busy fulfilling purpose. You don’t want a man who will eat your food, drive your car and live in your house because they have no work (lazy). That sister, is a liability.
  3. They are have good knowledge of life truths: This man is intended to end as the head of your home, and if the head is poor in knowledge of basic truths then the body will pay the price. A man who loves knowledge and learning is a goldmine of ideas to get your marriage around/through any crisis.
  4. They can cultivate you: You want a man who sees the best in you and has the skills and desire to tap it out. This goes from helping you gain your desired weight, shape, character, knowledge, confidence and assurance.
  5. They can protect you: The larger muscle mass of men wasn’t meant to be a weapon for abuse but for protection. You want a man who will protect you always.

6)    Check for Compatibility

The goal of this writing is not just to help you find any kind of husband but a good husband. Every successful marriage is unique in composure like cakes, a mixture of the right ingredients. An ingredient may make a successful cupcake but not necessarily a successful banana cake. So you have the responsibility to assess your compatibility during courtship. You should ask questions to know more about each other from background, through individual likes and dislikes. Understand the vision and mission of the man and know if you will be able submit and help them pursue it. Also undertaking diverse medical checkups is vital.

Being able to look beyond the blinding clouds of love and emotion to observe a man’s true attitude, character and nature could save you from hell. Love has nothing to do you here, it doesn’t provide for marriage success, it never has, if you doubt ask any divorcee.

7)    Never Get Desperate

There is nothing more irrational and vulnerable like a desperate person. The only way to avoid this is to discover your purpose, how precious you are and start fulfilling that purpose. If you know how valuable you are then you wouldn’t just dive on anything that shows up in trousers. Not that you should turn down brothers whom people might say are not at your level. The idea is never settle for someone out of desperation or frustration. You may be richer, more educated, very appealing, and of a particular class of society, so if you happen to be with someone others will assume lower in anyway, let it be out of choice – no conditions or obligations. Appreciate your worth!

8)    Exercise Total Abstinence till You Are Married

I believe there is a clear difference between a fiancé and a husband. Isn’t there? Sex was ordained to be carried out only in marriage. Engaging in it before greatly compromises the prospects of a successful marriage and clear conscience. When intercourse interferes with the preparation for marriage, steps 5, 6 and 7 above are neglected. And there is no telling of the type of catastrophes which someone will experience in such a poorly “cooked” marriage. It’s sad to see how our culture today has greatly changed from that of our ancestors with the normalization of pre-marital intercourse. Reason why we have more broken homes today. Like King Solomon put it, cherish your garden jealously and let no one enter into it but he who was has been patient enough to pay all the lawful dues.

There may be more women than men on the surface of our planet, but there is a man for every virtuous woman. Virtue is an attribute which can be learnt and cultivated. Start cultivating yourself now

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Finally, those where my 8 tips to get a husband, steps which have been tested and proven to work. Hope you found them resourceful. If you have any questions and thoughts, I will be happy to help as much as I can in the comments below.

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-Bodas D.

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