5 Tips to Find a Wife

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing…”

The famous proverb identifies finding a wife to finding a good thing. In this article you will learn the practical 5 tips to find a wife – know what women are looking and how to use that to find yourself a wife.

By the Creator’s original intent,

“Marriage is a sacred institution where a male and female are joined together in a lifelong relationship for the purpose of helping one another fulfill purpose and for procreation”.

As a man in our modern world today, finding a spouse could be deceptively simple but rather complex tax. Unlike few thousands of years ago where parents chose brides for their sons, today, my friend you got to go hunting yourself! Relax, let’s look at the 5 principles to find yourself a wonderful bride.

The principle for any man to follow to find his perfect bride are:

1)    Prepare Yourself by Educating Yourself

The first rule for success in any game is preparation and this game isn’t any exception. What game? The game of hunting a wife. The easiest way to successfully get and control anything is understanding how it functions. I wouldn’t recommend much, you getting advice from friends about women because all they can give is their subjective opinions. Rather read bestselling books with truths on the topics of marriage, women, understanding women, confidence etc. I normally recommend you read 15 books twice! Seriously the more you understand about her, the easier it will be to catch and keep her! Though physical preparation (body fitness) is plus, more effort should go to mental preparation.

2)    Present Yourself Responsibly (Like a Man)

Friend, you want to make sure you look, walk, talk, act like a responsible man. Ladies seeking for a husband are mostly not looking for some playboy nor are they looking for a “dressing like my grandfather” type of man. The word we use locally is to “package” borrowed from food packaging. You must be conscious of your sanitation at all times, will a lady be proud to present you to her friends. No need to be extravagant or flashy, most at times that’s a minus, just simple, clean and responsible.

3)    Go “Hunting”

If you have noticed, every principle so far has been about you – working on yourself. Many men wimp around instead of taking their confidence in both hands to approach a lady and express their manifesto. Stop making wimpy statements like “am way out of her league” – you don’t have to be, just go! Even the first man to get married made the sealing statement for marriage in which he said:

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

The words of Adam as recorded in the first book of the Bible. Note that the original Hebrew word “dabaq” translated “cleave” figuratively means  to “to catch by pursuit” or “chase” – hence my choice of word hunting. So chase, if miss, try again change targets, never relent your efforts till you get a catch.

4)    Choose Wisely

Of course the choice of wife matters, a bad choice of woman will earn you a knife not a wife. So you want to consider your choice carefully. Independent of love (because love isn’t the engine to make marriage work), I will advise you make your choice based on these criteria:

  1. Purpose Compatibility: Before going after a wife, you should know your purpose, vision and mission on earth. So your choice of life partner must be guided by them. A perfect help meet. To assist you in fulfilling that purpose.
  2. Character: The greatest thing you expect from a woman is submission and respect. Check out for character defects before tying the knot because love can’t cover that up. You should get knowledge of more from the result of tip number 1.
  3. Attitude: Women of great attitude are those who are supportive, optimistic and responsive to the changes the family would undergo both positive and not so positive ones. Enough, I should let you do your homework of tip number 1.

5)    Evaluate Your Qualification to Get a Wife

This should have probably been the first point. How do you know you are qualified you may ask. Well, you know you’re fit and can actually take and support a woman (wife) when you have the following qualities:

  1. You reverence and respect your Creator: This has to do with acknowledging, respecting, submitting. Such a person is the dream husband any woman can think of. Because when things get rough in your marriage (which they often are going to get), even with no respect for the woman, you would still do the right thing because of your fear of your Creator. Real men love the presence of God!
  2. You earn income: A lazy man is a leech and burden to any woman. You want to make sure you have something doing (job/business) that can actually support your home. Not necessarily surpass your wife in income but have enough to support the family.
  3. You are well equipped knowledge-wise: As the decision maker of the family, you want to be well knowledgeable with the truth about critical subjects to properly stir your marriage through the storms of life.
  4. You can cultivate a woman: At this point it is important to appreciate the fact that the woman you are searching for doesn’t exist anywhere but in your head. So you want to develop the skills to take any woman (raw material) and mold them into that picture that you have in your head.
  5. You can protect: You should have the ability and will to protect and not abuse a woman.

Are you qualified? You shouldn’t be expecting someone when you have no one to give them.

For a double advantage I encourage to take a look at  8 Tips to Get a Husband and know what the ladies are up to.

Finally, those where my 5 tips to find a wife, steps which have been tested and proven to work. Hope you found them resourceful. If you have any questions and thoughts, I will be happy to help as much as I can in the comments below.

I encourage you to share this article with two (2) friends and get their feedback. Remember Sharing is Caring. Thanks for reading.

-Bodas D.

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