For all the single ladies and gentlemen:

Today’s topic is a very sensitive one in most parts of Africa. Many singles have asked me if marrying a single parent is alright. And today by the grace of God I will proffer an advice. However, this is not a scholastic treatise.

What is single parenting?

Simply put, single parenting is the act of raising a child or children all alone with little or no involvement of the other partner.

Now who is a single parent?

A single parent is:

1. A single man or lady who got a child (ren) out of wedlock.

2. A widow or widower with a child (ren).

3. A divorcee with a child (ren).

Today’s article will deal only with the first and second types of single parents.

Can I marry a single parent?

The answer is CAPITAL YES!

A single parent can or will make a good spouse. Forget about their past relationship mistakes or marital misfortunes, they are as good as any other type of single love partner.

What makes marriage work is beyond what many of us know or think. I am aware that in most parts of Africa, family are happier when their child, sibling or relative marries a “chassis”, that means someone who has never had a child or children somewhere but unhappy or fiercely opposed to their child, sibling or relative who wants to marry someone who has got children somewhere. However, I can also tell you that I know of many who missed out on their God-ordained spouse simply because they are single parents.

Dear singles, if God is leading you to marry a single parent lover or better still if you’ve genuinely fallen in love with a single parent, please go ahead and marry them. Happiness is not only found with singles without children.

Since God got gave me a little knowledge about him as well as the little insights about relationship/marriage, I have been living my life minding less what people think or say about me. I am not saying we should throw caution to the wind by rejecting the voice of reasoning coming from others. No! However, I am just not going to let anyone talk me out of God’s will for my life. When I was single those days, if I God had led me to marry a single parent, I would have accepted because I know that God’s will is the best.

So singles, no more resentment towards single parents. They are also God’s will for marriage. Many have made and are still making a great spouse in their respective marriages. 

©️ Coach Joshua

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