He Is God’s Will For Me, But I Don’t Like Him


It may be his looks -physical structure, height, complexion, tribal or no tribal marks. Diction, spoken English, type of job, bank balance, educational disparity; she is a degree holder, he is an OND struggler, he is squatting, still schooling while she is ready for marriage, etc.

Guys have their own complain too. Not physically attractive, too “spirikoko”, immoral past life, unwanted baby, bad character, hot temper, being too friendly with guys, over bearing, over demanding, etc!

Not all happily married couples initially liked their partners, in fact, some took to their heels! Omotola said she didn’t like her husband initially. Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya said Pastor Taiwo didn’t look like the man of her dreams. Dr Emmanuella, wife of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye said, she didn’t like him. I certainly didn’t like my husband’s mode of dressing when I first met him, it was too awkward and crude for me! Apostle Suleimon wasn’t excited when God told him the extremely beautiful lady on his street was his wife. A friend of mine took to her heels when God revealed her husband to her! She ran 440! She flatly refused to obey God. The guy was not anything near her standard. It took the mercies of God to arrest her proud, stubborn mind. By the time she went back to the guy, ladies were already flocking around him. It took divine intervention to get them back, they are happily married today.

Dr. Mike Murdock said, “The greatest gift of God comes in the simplest packaging.” Jesus is the saviour of the world, yet was born in a manger. The man/woman who will transform your life and help you fulfil destiny may not appear in apparels of gold and five star 6 piece suit! It takes humility to yield to God’s will.

Watch out for peace of mind! No matter how you dislike them, if they are God’s will for you, you will have peace, inner joy and their nature/temperament will please you. No matter how you like them, if you have no peace, joy and contentment, it is not God’s will. If you don’t like them and you don’t have peace, let them go!

Regardless of your complain about them, deep down, you will know you are with the right person. If you heard God, you will have His assurance. If you don’t know how to hear God. Read ” How To Hear From God” by Joyce Meyers, it will help a lot.

Deep down, I loved my friend. I always had peace around him. His presence gave me so much joy. There were lots of other things I liked about him minus his looks at that time. Since he is God’s will for me, working on his looks is a minor problem. It’s something we could both work on. He has changed a lot. I’m so in love with his looks today.

If they are God’s will for you, God will give you the ability to help them look better, make more money, further their education and with your encouragement, work on their weaknesses. If not, your relationship will get worse and your marriage will end in divorce! Hearing God is key!

Dislike is different from hate! If you hate them with passion, you can’t identify with them in public, you so much despise them, opening their mouths make you want to vomit or you can’t accept their past for whatever reason under heaven, loose them and let them go! That’s an extreme case! God will not give you some one you hate. It’s either you didn’t hear God or you are under spiritual attack to miss God’s will for you in marriage! Some people just develop hatred for their destiny helpers and push them away!

Marrying God’s will is the best choice you will ever make in your life. I thank God I married my husband! That guy is the greatest miracle of my life. Dewunmi is my dream come true. My best, my all after God. I love you so much my crown, Muuuuaaaah!

Make sure you marry God’s will. Do not miss it for any reason in the world. You will be glad you did. May you not mis-choose! –© Seun Oladele

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