First Things First

first thing first

Marriage Ethics for Singles – Part 5

First Things First

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Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. -Genesis 3:23

These days, it seems like everyone just wants to be married. While it is good to desire that, many are not bothered  about what comes after the wedding- issues such as feeding, children’s welfare, payment of rent, etc. All they care about is that they must be married or at the least, have a partner.

These days, some husbands have abandoned their financial responsibilities to their wives. This was not ordained from the beginning. The man was commanded by God to till the ground which involves physical and mental effort. This command was never given to the woman, that is, Eve (Genesis 2:15). Incidentally, some men don’t want to be responsible but they desire to be married. You must understand that the God-ordained duty of a wife is to be a “help meet”. That means, there must be something for her to help you with. If you are not doing anything productive
that requires the additional strength of someone else, then you absolutely do not need a wife (Genesis 2:18).

To begin your work, you need a purpose. You need to work at why you exist. Remember the definition says “Using physical and mental effort”.  So, if you are not physically engaged in something, you must be mentally engaged in something productive. You don’t really need to start with a “white collar” or monthly 100,000 naira job; you can start small and watch God increase you through your diligent and dedicated service.

The principle is this: No work, no wife. So, put your hands to work! – FAO

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