Choosing a Life Partner

Marriage Ethics for Singles – Part 7

Choosing a Life Partner

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Can two walk together, except they be agreed? -Amos 3:3

From my studies, I discovered that the basis upon which people make their choices of a life partner is multi-dimensional. It is based on physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. Once they sense a bond in any of these realms, they often conclude that such a person would make a good companion.

While they are not totally wrong, choosing a life partner should not be based on just one, but on the three dimensions above. As important as the physical consideration is, your choice should not be based on that alone, but most importantly on spiritual as well as intellectual realms.

It’s not wrong to admire someone’s beauty, complexion, appearance, oratory ability or academic qualification; but a marriage built on these will soon end in disaster because these, on their own, cannot build a lasting and peaceful family life. More so, likes and dislikes change over time. What seems perfect for you today might become childish and old-fashioned tomorrow. So, why not hang on to something that will last a lifetime.

The most important thing to look out for, therefore, is your spiritual bond. Is he or she a born-again Christian? Who is God to him or her or how does he or she feel about God? What relationships does he or she have outside of the church? The spiritual position of the person you intend to get involved with determines how much the marriage will flourish. You must not be unequally yoked! (2 Corinthians 6:14)

Thus, in your quest to find a life partner, be spiritual in your approach and don’t forget to employ the help of the Holy Spirit. He is your best guide to the truth. You will not miss your place in your marital destiny!

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