Welcome to October

This Month of October:

=>The grace of God shall strengthen you this month of October.

=>The grace of God shall lift you to great height.

=>The Lord shall cause His grace to abound to you in every way.

=>Through the grace of God, you shall overflow with great blessing and abundance.

=>Through the grace of God, you shall have more than enough for all your needs, and plenty left over for every good works.

=>Through the grace of God, you will touch and bless many lives, and become a global blessing.

=>You are a carrier of God’s grace: you will make a real difference wherever you go.

=>Through the grace of God, you will succeed in all you do, and prosper in all your ways.

=>Through the abundant grace of God upon you, great multitudes shall give thanks to God.

=>You will triumph by grace.

=>You will do exploits by grace.

=>You will fulfill your destiny by grace. And through the grace of God you will finish well.

=>Peace be unto you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

We love you 💖
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