Marriage is a good thing. Almost everybody wants to get married. This thing called marriage looks as if it’s the ultimate goal everyone must achieve in life. Of course, it is good to get hooked with someone, since the holy Bible says “it is not good for a man to be alone”

What should I call this? Seeing so called beautiful girls being dragged on the floor, given the beaten of their lives, disregarded and degraded by their so called fiance or boyfriend and still remain in the relationship all because the man promises to marry them.

After beating you, molesting you, he comes back to say ” sorry babe I didn’t meant to hurt you, it’s just that I can’t control my temper at that moment. You know I love you sooooo much, there’s no one like you, I can’t live in this world without you. I promise, I will change. Please…. I’m sorry you know you are my life. I really want to marry you.” And you fell for it.

Listen! Open your two ears, your two eyes, your mind and your heart. He doesn’t love you. Stop behaving as if you are helpless. Stop saying it, you are not helpless. Are you scared another man will not come? Get out of that abusive relationship.

Wake up!
He loves you but he beats you. if you are asked, you will respond it’s just once in a while he is not really like that. OK. I hear you!
He sleeps or flirt around with ladies of which you know. If you are asked, you will respond. He has chosen me over them that’s why he says he will marry me. In fact, he has given me ring. Will you just shut up, don’t be fooled?

Marriage does not change anyone.

He loves you but your opinion doesn’t count, how you feel mean nothing to him, he can spring surprises but you can’t, he can operate your phone but he calls his “my privacy don’t ever touch it” and all you say is he promises to marry me. You are not a slave, don’t allow to be treated as one.

All you see, is his money. You are afraid to quit the relationship because of his money right! It doesn’t matter, he said he will marry me.

After he marries you, what will happen? He will not cheat again right? He will treat you right hmm? Oh, you think he will change. Marriage does not change anyone.
Be in charge of your life!
Know what you want, stand for it, and give it all it takes to get it.

Credit: Kure Dorcas

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