Flee, Don’t Run!

My dear single Sisters, Please read.

Dear Sister Godsglory? You’ve just met Brother Godspower. And He looks sharp & cool. He seems like that Christian brother of our dreams.  Speaks in tongues and even interprets. Quotes big big scriptures and looks the path. You love God, driven and a passionate achiever. Young, pretty and forward looking. Got your business or perhaps a stable job with decent income.

But we can’t really say that about Brother “GP” (Godspower). And you have been very generous . When He asks for soft loans . You don’t hesitate. But the only issue is, that this has become the norm. But then you say, after all, one day we’d be married. (Even though He hasn’t even mentioned it o). So left to you, it’s all an investment into your future hubby and marriage. But in your heart of hearts you feel something isn’t right.

Let me just help you. Please read the following bullet points. If most or all apply to you, then you may just be financing a world bank project.

  1. If you feel manipulated to give to all the time.
  2. If He starts acting weird, withdrawing and using lines like “do you really love me”, “there is love in sharing”, “Love gives”, every time you don’t or can’t oblige His financial requests.
  3. If He hasn’t paid back any or most of the loans etc.
  4. Plus Has not even mentioned or been clear about His intentions…

If you are experience most or all of these, please do the following:

  1. Take off your shoes .
  2. Shine your eyes, Look left, right and backwards.
  3. Then, FLEE. Don’t run. FLEE!
  4. Sing the following songs while Flying…
  • “ I’ve got my mind made up, and I won’t turn back…”
  •  “Bye-Bye to jatiti, ByeBye to radarada…, in the name of Jesus…
    Bye Bye to JatiJati….

MAIN POINT: After all said and done, it’s still by their FRUIT we know them.


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